We are delighted that you are planning to get married, and that you are considering arranging the wedding to be in our parish.

In order for this to happen, certain legal conditions exist.

You are entitled to be married here if one or more of the following apply:

  1. Either or both of you live in the Parish of Upper Stour area (broadly: Stourton, Bourton, Kilmington or Zeals) Either or both of you have resided in the parish for two weeks (15 consecutive days), and that you obtain a Common Licence, after swearing an affidavit to a surrogate.
  2. Either or both of you have a significant connection here – e g. have lived here continuously a minimum of 6 months in the past. Your parents were married here, baptised here, etc. If you think you have a connection, let me know and we will check if it is a valid connection
  3. Either or both of you, or one of your parents, have attended worship regularly here for minimum six months. Regularly means at least once a month. This is a condition that you may be able to meet between now and the wedding date.

If you think that you may meet any of these criteria, or if you would like to chat further, the next step is for the vicar to meet with you and your fiancé. Please contact the parish office to arrange a time when you can come to the Rectory to begin the process. It would be helpful if you could bring with you or pre-email us the Wedding Service Information form.

If either of you is a foreign national, or has been married before, we will need further discussion.

When we meet, if you were to bring your passports and a cheque for the non-refundable deposit of £200 (payable to- ‘The PCC of Upper Stour’), that may enable us to book the wedding date there and then.

We wish you God’s richest blessing as you embark on this new stage of your lives, and we assure you of our prayers.