Wedding Planning

Hymns and Readings

Choosing the hymns, readings and music for your wedding day is a very personal thing and it is worth thinking about it for some time. Most weddings will have three hymns and two readings with at least one reading being from the Bible.

The Church of England “Your Church Wedding” website (click here) is a fantastic resource when it comes to choosing your Bible Readings (Click here), Additional Readings (Click here) or Hymns (Click here). Before you meet with the priest taking your service, it is really helpful to have looked at these readings and hymns. When printing your order of service please use the words of the Hymns from the “Your Church Wedding” website.

Order of Service

When printing your order of service you may wish to look at the documents bellow. The “Order of Service” document will help you work out how to layout your order of service, and the “Full Wedding Service” will show you what will happen during the service, and is helpful if you need a translation.

Order of Service

Full Wedding Service


We will clear the church of the normal arrangements before the day of your wedding and would greatly appreciate it if you did not take all your flowers to the reception, thus leaving us with an empty church.

We would particularly appreciate you leaving any altar flowers.

Please ensure that enough room is left at the front of the church for the father of the bride and the best man.

If you wish to decorate the archway or pew ends, please make sure that there is someone to remove them the next day.

If you have a flower girl, please ask her not to throw petals in the church.
Confetti should be biodegradable, and thrown by the archway, not in the doorway.

Generally, we would ask you to comply with the following guidelines regarding arrangements:

a) We are not able to supply any containers – florists must bring their own
b) Oasis is to be supplied by the florist.
c) We do have 2 pedestal stands and are happy to lend these.
d) If you want to decorate the font, we have a flat “bare” covering, available on request (in place of the raised polished cover).
e) Access to the vestry (for water) is possible on request.
f) No tacks, nails, drawing pins, etc. may be used on any surface.
g) Great care should be taken when watering flowers to ensure that no water is spilt on any wooden surface.
h) Arrangements must be made for the removal of the flowers after an agreed time, and everything must be removed off site.
i) There are no facilities for disposal of any rubbish: please take all rubbish away with you.

Please ask your florist to contact Crin Fearon (Churchwarden), on 01747 841400 at least 4 weeks before the wedding to let her know what the plans are for flowers in the church, when they would like access and when they plan to remove the flowers.

Church Florists
A team of local florists led by Barbara Borwell would be happy to provide wedding flowers. She would need plenty of notice (ie 8 weeks minimum) and would like to meet on site first to work out what they would like: colour scheme, number of arrangements etc.

Charges depend on what the is required and would be based on the cost of the flowers as well as a suggested minimum donation of £60. A deposit will be required. Please contact Barbara on 01747 840141

Some local Florists

Sunshine Florist, (Becki), newly established. 1 Newbury Court, Gillingham SP8 4QX Tel: 01747 821336I
Sprout and Flower – Mere Tel: 01747 860300
Mells Florists – Specialises in wedding flowers Jodie Bowman,
Walled Garden, Mells BA11 3PN Tel: 01373 812597 Freephone: 0800 7812155
Reed and Russell, Wincanton Email: Tel: 0800 7812155

On the day itself

The ushers should be in the church, with the orders of service, at least 45 minutes before the ceremony so that they can greet the guests. Please ask your guests to be in church in good time before the ceremony is due to start – at least 10 minutes. There should be no drinks or snacks in the church.

The bridegroom should arrive about 30 minutes before the service, and will be seated 10 minutes before the start time. The bride should try to arrive in good time (aim for 5 minutes before the start time), not least for the sake of the bell-ringers and the groom…

Confetti may be thrown, but we ask for this to be at or below the archway, and it must be biodegradable.

We will be thinking of you in the months ahead, and praying that you may know God’s richest blessing on your wedding day, and in your marriage.

Weddings at St Peter’s Stourton


We will make sure there is space outside the church for the wedding cars to park. Please let us know how many wedding cars there will be.

There is parking on the road outside the church, but please try to avoid parking here if possible.

The National Trust Car Park provides ample parking. Please encourage your guests to park here and to remind Nation Trust Members to scan their membership cards for parking and as they go through the ticket office as this will help the National Trust recover some of their costs. If your guests are not members they will need to pay for parking. The National Trust will know that your wedding is happening so your guests will then be able to walk down via the footpath through the ticket office without being asked to pay or being encouraged to join the Trust.

There is a shuttle minibus for those who would not be able to walk up or down the path to the church. Contact Stourhead Office on 01747 841152 if you have any queries about this.


National Trust

While St Peter’s and the Stourhead Estate are very good neighbours, St Peters is part of the Church of England and is not part of the National Trust. The National Trust have generously agreed that bride, groom and photographer may enter the gardens for free for photographs. Please note that this does not include access to the grass bridge. Any other guests who wish to enter the gardens will need to purchase tickets for that purpose. If you wish to take wedding photographs in the gardens, please complete and return the National Trust Wedding Party Booking Form and ensure your photographer completes and returns the National Trust Photographer Permission form. Click here for the Booking form and Click here for your photographers form. They should both be returned, after consultation to the Stourhead Office – 01747 841152.


Local Reception Venues

If you are looking for a local venue to celebrate your marriage after the service, the Stourton Memorial Hall (Click here), or the Spread Eagle (Click here), can both provide a fantastic place for your family and friends to celebrate.