Parochial Church Council

Rev. Ben Rundell-Evans
Chair person – Parish Office 01747 840221 or Email

Jane Joyce
Stourton LCC Rep. & PCC Secretary
Brian Martin
Licensed Lay Minister &  PCC Treasurer
Caroline Worthington
Lay Worship Leader

Harry Allen
Churchwarden, Bourton
Margaret Martin
Churchwarden, Bourton
Celia Cotton
Churchwarden, Kilmington
Chris Reeves
Churchwarden, Kilmington
Crin Fearon
Churchwarden, Stourton & Vice Chair(PCC)
Jane Parker
Churchwarden, Stourton
Sue Evans
Churchwarden, Zeals
Tom Spencer
Churchwarden, Zeals

Ashley Kemp
Zeals & Kilmington LCCs Treasurer

Colin Holman
Zeals LCC Rep
George Bullivant


Malcolm Affleck
Deanery Synod representative

John Rowe
Deanery Synod representative

Elizabeth Hames
Electoral Roll Officer (not on the PCC)

Sue Todd
Safeguarding Officer (not on the PCC)


Members are elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, usually held each April.

The ex officio members are the Incumbent, who is usually the Chair, Licensed Clergy and Lay Ministers, plus the eight Churchwardens (two for each church) and three Deanery Synod members.

Plus we have six elected members. This number is related to the number of Parish members on the Church Electoral Roll. One is nominated by each Local Church Council and two may be nominated by anyone on the Church Electoral Roll. Their term is for a period of one year, but they can stand again each year.

In order to qualify for election, you need to be over sixteen, on the Church Electoral Roll, a Communicant and willing to serve.

We meet at least four times a year. The chief responsibilities of the PCC include the financial affairs of the four churches, the care, maintenance and insurance of the fabric of the churches and their goods and ornaments plus of course, the churchyards.

The four Local Church Councils are sub-committees of the PCC. Members are appointed at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in consultation with the respective Churchwardens and Assistant Churchwardens. Membership of LCCs include the Incumbent, Licensed Clergy, the relevant Churchwardens, Assistant Churchwardens and local PCC members, plus five parishioners and/or Electoral Roll members.

Jane Joyce
PCC Secretary