Garden Competition

Garden Competition

Many thanks to all those who entered and voted!

I am delighted to announce that the winner of the 2020 Upper Stour Virtual Garden Competition is…

Chafyn Grove Cottages
The Zeals Alms Houses

This is such a testament to the hard work and pride of the residents and trustees of the Zeals Alms Houses. Bravo!

The votes included the following comments:

– Absolutely beautiful transformation. Seriously impressed. Well done on making your garden quite so delightful.
– Just so pleasing to see the residents taking such a pride in their surroundings. The planting is colourful and the whole garden looks fantastic.
– You can see how much care and attention goes into this garden with its flower beds and little borders full of colour and diversity and the wonderful array of pots which look so good against the stonework of the building. Bright and cheerful but with a quiet and peaceful area at the end of the garden under the trees. A lot of it can be seen as one passes by and it brightens my day, I think we are really lucky to have such a gem in our midst.
– I have lived in Zeals for over 20 years passing by this place daily. I can honestly say that this is the prettiest, well mainted I’ve ever seen the garden. Its stunning with some many varieties of flowers & so colourful. It has transfomed the whole place & is a delight to pass by.
– The garden has had lots of lots of lovely colour which draws the eye to look at the wonderful building of the alms houses.
– I have chosen the Alms Houses as it is a garden I pass by daily whilst out walking or cycling and know it well. I often stop and look over the little wall to look at their charming displays and find it very appealing and welcoming. The combined loving care of the residents is a tribute to their hard work and I think it’s a little gem.
– The Almshouses garden is a fine example of a community garden where every resident takes pride in their surroundings and pull together to make one glorious garden . Being situated in the centre of Zeals it is a pleasure to see their colourful plot .
– I love the planting, pots, flower colours and the inclusion of everyone who lives there.