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One way we can communicate is through our new E-Newsletter. If you would like to subscribe, please use the form below. Many members of the community are doing very practical things such as volunteering to do shopping, pick up prescriptions and just chat on the phone for those who are in greater isolation. Details about this can be found opposite or above. This e-newsletter however, is not another form of service broadcasting, and will refrain from offering advice as we live through Covid19. It is rather hoped that this e-newsletter may be a virtual dose of hope and peace!


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We are not people of fear:
we are people of courage.
We are not people who protect our own safety:
we are people who protect our neighbours’ safety.
We are not people of greed:
we are people of generosity.
We are your people God,
giving and loving,
wherever we are,
whatever it costs
For as long as it takes
wherever you call us.

Barbara Glasson, President of the Methodist Conference


Opportunities to Worship at This Time

If you would like to follow along with worship, or would like some time to reflect, then these following Radio and TV suggestions are a good way to feel connected with other people worshiping at this time. It is a great opportunity at this time to feel connected in prayer with people throughout the world while our churches are united, in being made up of people who are worshiping at home.
Songs of Praise
1.15pm BBC 1 every Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Morning Worship
8.10am BBC Radio 4 every Sunday Morning
The Daily Service
9.45am BBC Radio 4 LW Monday to Saturday
or you can listen to them here – I never know how to get Longwave!
Thought for the Day
7.45am BBC Radio 4 Monday to Saturday
Choral Evensong
3pm BBC Radio 3 every Sunday and 3.30pm every Wednesday

If you are in the habit of saying daily prayers, then these links will take you to an order of service for the day, along with the readings for the day. The Prayer booklet is a special booklet of prayers for this time and the links below will either take you to Common Worship or Book of Common Prayer, depending on your preferred style. 

Prayers for use duing the Covid19 Outbreak
Prayer Booklet
Common Worship
Morning Prayer
Evening Prayer
Book of Common Prayer 
Morning Prayer
Evening Prayer

Churches Closed

From 23rd March 2020, all places of worship are closed. While we were open for private prayer, knowing the importance of providing a space for spiritual nourishment, all Church of England churches have been instructed to close. This of course also means that all public gatherings and church services are cancelled until advised otherwise.

As a church, we are called to gather together and this gathering is central to our understanding of community. As a community we gather socially whether that be at church, in the pub, or in the queue at the Post Office or local shop. Since being told we cannot gather, this gives us a challenge to rethink how we remain a strong, supportive and caring community.

How do I worship?

#livelent Many of you may still be following the #livelent books which encourage us to consider the natural environment this Lent and Easter. More about this lent book can be found here.

Daily Prayer - All clergy say prayers daily. If you would  like to join us in the daily office you can download the app here (click here), or follow in a shortened version with this document here (Click here).

Listen to Worship - The BBC has always produced worship within its broadcasting and at times like these they are essential. Details about the Sunday 8.10am service can be found (here), details about the Daily Service can be found (here) and details about Choral Evensong can be found (here). All of these Broadcasts can of course be listened to again at your convenience.

I have questions

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to be in touch with the Parish Office or click here (Contact Us).

The Church of England's Guidance can be found by clicking here.

The Village Hubs


Bourton Community Support Group - Our purpose is to support residents of Bourton, Dorset during these unprecedented times. We are here to support anyone in isolation due to being in an at-risk group, is isolating for other reasons or who are unable to manage due to whatever circumstances they find themselves in.

We will help do the little things like fetching and delivering your prescriptions and basic shopping, getting your dog to the vet in an emergency or checking up on a relative, neighbour or friend who you may be concerned about. If we can’t assist then we will help put you in touch with those who can.

And, of course, we are a friendly voice at the end of a telephone line if you just need a chat. You can contact us by phone, email or completing a form on this site (click here).


In an effort to support those most vulnerable in the village during these uncertain times, there is to be a central list of contacts where volunteers can leave their names and contact details for anyone requiring assistance. Those looking for help, including those self isolating, can likewise give their details to our central contact who will be in touch with a volunteer to help out. We suggest that for shopping, collecting prescriptions etc, the arrangements (including payments etc), are made directly between the volunteer and the person making the request.

The Parish Council is extremely grateful to Sarah Booth (as indeed is the whole village) for agreeing to be the central coordinator who will put together the list of volunteers, and so anyone requiring assistance should telephone Sarah whose details are (email prefered): 01985 844 264 or Everyone should be aware that Sarah is self-distancing for the moment so please always contact her by phone or (preferably) email and do not visit her.

Separately, a local food wholesaler in Zeals, La Chasse, wishes to help those who cannot get out to go food shopping. They are offering a 10% discount on minimum orders (over £80) and require payment upfront. Delivery times are inevitably flexible. Here are the contacts for them: La Chasse Limited, The Warehouse, St Martins Farm, Zeals BA12 6NZ, Tel: 01747 840996,, and


Please would volunteers willing to shop for people living in Stourton and drop provisions off for them outside their house give their details to the Farm Shop. Anyone who is self-isolating, or who is ill, and needs support, food shopping etc can contact the Farm Shop who will be put them in touch with a volunteer who will help them. The Farm shop number is 01747 841164 and the email address is 30 March onwards: 10.00 to 3:00 Monday to Saturday, Sundays: Closed.)


Very many thanks to the many people (over 40) who contacted either David Gatehouse or Sue Evans to offer their services of support, and also to David and his team at the post office and garage for being open for us. And there are many others who are quietly helping their neighbours and making sure they are safe. It is heartening to know that the sense of community is so alive in Zeals, as is the case throughout the parish of Upper Stour. We need each other so if you need to ring Sue Evans on 01747 840600, or David at Zeals garage on 01747 840327 we will connect you to someone who will help.